Sunday, June 2, 2019

Upcoming shows

I see I have been neglecting this blog for a while, I have been busy painting however! 
We were in St Martin for 2 weeks and I did a bunch of sketching and a few oil paintings while there. 
I sat on the beach while painting this. The resort by this beach, Orient Beach is still completely destroyed after hurricane Irma. So as long as you don't look behind you the place looks very idyllic.
(I added these paintings to my gallery, you can check them out here).

I have also been busy painting tropical fish. One of these painting will be in the Annual Spring Show "Blue" at the Trumansburg Conservatory. The opening reception is Saturday June 8, 7-9PM.

Another event I will be part of is the Keuka Arts Festival on June 8 and 9. This is a fine art and skilled craft show held annually along the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail in Penn Yan.The event is fee, and will feature live entertainment, food , and activities for families. This will be my first outdoor festival. I got the tent, and I am sorting through paintings and framing. It is quite a project to figure out what to take!

Then on June 15 is the yearly fundraiser for 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning. Kaleidoscope. For the past 2 years artists did 50 paintings each. The set up is different this year, and there where choices of sizes. However fun and challenging it was, I don't know if I would do 50 again! I choose to do 4 panels of 12'x12" each, with coral and tropical fish. Here is nformation about the event.
A little sneak preview of details of the panels;

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