Monday, February 4, 2019

Some outdoor painting

I guess I am a fair weather plein air painter. The minus and one digit temperatures we have been having have kept me from outdoor painting. Not that I haven't been busy. I completed several pieces this past month. But today I was reminded how much I love to be outdoors with my gear. First thing this morning I headed out into the woods. This is not far away, just the backyard. When I started it was cloudy, but then the sun came out. Glorious!

It's funny how you notice things change when you are in the same spot for a few hours. Beside the light changing from cloudy to sunny, the water changed from a dark blueish tint to more brown as it got warmer and snow melted. My composition started when it was cloudy, otherwise I might have done it different and included sky. As I was painting, a couple of deer came by, cool. It was nice to be out next to the water with the sun warming my back!

 I decided to take full advantage of the nice day and do another painting. This spot is right next to our house.  I liked the contrast of the snow and the spots where it has melted. I tried painting on a canvas sheet. I found it a bit rough, too hard to cover all the white.

Maybe these two paintings will find their way into a larger and more finished piece.

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