Thursday, January 3, 2019

My new toy!

When my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas I said "A wood burning kit." His response: "You don't need another hobby." Well, maybe not, but why ask what I want then? So I did not expect to get one. The first present I opened where pieces of wood. I thought they were coasters. Ok, eh, thanks. Later I unwrapped the wood burning kit, aha! So I've been playing with this new toy, trying out the different attachments and just testing a little of what you can do with it. I literally burned through the pieces of wood I got very quickly. Just playing, freehand, drawing from a couple of photos. I like the sketchy look. I also tried to incorporate the imperfections in the wood in a couple of them. Now to find some more wood to practice on!

 I added the name to hide a burn accident :)