Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dogs past and present

Last year I made black walnut ink, and I still have a bunch left. My sister in law had asked for drawings of her dogs past and present. So here they are: Tara, Ziva (their current dog), Tess, and Laki.

It is fun to play around with ink, and good to shake up your usual medium, stepping out of the routine. Drawing this reminded me how much I like ink, and I should do more of this!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Back from The Netherlands

It's been quiet here, I know! I was away, back to my home country of the Netherlands for a bit. I did a few "touristy" things, but mostly spent the time with my family, catching up and just doing fun stuff together. I brought my sketch book, and managed to get a couple of sketches done.

These little roadside chapels are everywhere in the south of the Netherlands. This one is next to the house where I grew up.

The view from across the river. The castle on the right, De Keverberg, is pretty unique. It was destroyed at the end of WW2, and recently restored. They did not just rebuild it as it was, but blend the old with the new. I had my misgivings seeing the building plan. I did not think it could be any good, but now I love how it looks. I think it is beautiful. 

On a side note; my elementary school was to the right of the castle ruins, so that view was part of our lives. We would occasionally sneak up there to play. Plus I got married in the church on the left, so this view always brings back memories.

The walkway next to the river, a very popular place.