Monday, April 30, 2018

Two more

The first time I saw a bald eagle I was driving on the freeway and he came flying over. Wow! I was so excited to see this bird! Picture credit for this one goes to Petra Glorie

When I had a birdfeeder out the blue jays quickly took over! They were a bit of bullies to the other birds. Beautiful birds though. Once again I found painting the markings on the back tricky.
Jan Peels made the picture I used for this one.

Friday, April 20, 2018


This duck had a nest in my parents backyard. Their yard is small and fenced in, but it has a lot of greenery for a duck to hide in. My parents saw the duck fly into their yard several times and after some searching found the nest. A couple of weeks later mama duck emerged with seven ducklings. I happened to be visiting at the time and it was so cute to see. My dad even got them some baby duck food, and the little ones swam in the water bowl he set out. A few days later mama duck got very restless and was looking for a way out of the yard. My mom helped guide them to the river through the streets of their village.

These birds were sitting in a nest under our canoe, which was hanging on the outside of the shed. I saw a bird flying under the canoe a few times and went to investigate. I found the nest with eggs, and so decided we would not use the canoe till the babies were grown up. So we did not canoe for about a month! These birds are fly catchers so they are doing good work of catching insects. The are quite the acrobatic too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Winter king"

This little wren has a much cooler name in Dutch: winterkoninkje (winter king). Big name for such a little bird, but then again, the song of this bird is so much bigger than its size. Thanks to Andre Jacobs for the picture!

I'm inching my way to the halfway point of 25! I have two more in progress, so I hope to be over the hump tomorrow. Each of these birds has been taking longer than expected. It's a challenge for sure, but in a good way.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Chicadee, cardinal, parrot, and a nest

No bird collection is complete without a little chickadee. This little one is from a picture my niece made at their birdfeeder. 

I gave Mrs. Cardinal her Mr. 
What could these two be talking about?

Meet Basil. Basil is my co-workers' parrot. He likes to sit on her head and pick on her until he gets a treat.

In this next one the bird flew away! I said I would do 50 birds, but I thought it would be fun to throw a nest in there too. This was actually an abandoned nest. I'm not sure who made it.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The next three

It's been a productive week. Three more finished, and two more almost finished. I will show those after I put the finishing touches on them. I can always decide better the next day if I'm happy with it.

In my picture the pelican was sitting on a fish cleaning table on the Huntington Pier in California. He is looking old and faded in the picture. I gave him a bit more color to make him young again, and perched him on a pole. 

This week I felt I had to paint a robin; one morning while taking the dogs out I heard all this bird song. I my sleepy haze it took me moments to register what I was hearing. Robins! It is always a pleasant sound to hear. It means spring is coming. Although the robins might not have expected this cold weather we are having. Hopefully it will soon get warmer and they can start nesting.
In the picture the robin is sitting next to the nest of hungry robin babies by our front door. I painted the baby robins separately weeks ago. Now one parent is here to join them. 

This hawk was one of the paintings that just flowed out of the brush. I like how he came out. The eyes are so intense! Like he is keeping an eye on you! Picture credit goes to Andre Jacobs.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A warbler, a seagull, and a rooster

This little birdy gave me plenty of trouble and I almost wiped him out and forget about him. Those markings on the back! I put it away for a few days and ended up doing several glazes. Picture credit goes to Petra Glorie.

I had fun with the seagull, giving him a nice beach to sit on. In my picture he was sitting on a pole. According to my husband the chips bag is missing in the painting. Isn't that the sad truth, the birds scavenging for people food on the beach.

The bird series is not complete without a chicken. This is Goliath, a rooster we had. He lived a happy life with his hens, and got to be about 9 years old!