Thursday, February 15, 2018

Winter plein air

A couple of days ago I did my first winter plein air. It was 30F and sunny. I was kind of stuck what to paint next, and I should learn from previous experience that taking a walk will inspire me. When I was walking the dog in the woods I stood by this creek for a while. The sun was on my face and it occurred to me that it would actually be a nice spot to paint. I've been a bit of a fair weather plein air painter, not the hardy type that paints in -20F. This day seemed doable. So I went back home to grab my stuff and went back to this spot. I learned some lessons, like how thick the paint is in cold weather. I also accidentally packed ptalo blue instead of the cobalt or ultramarine which I usually use. That made for a different color than my usual paintings, but I like it. After 2 hours my fingers were frozen, but you get so much "in the zone" that you don't realize. I did enjoy being out there and doing this painting, so this encourages me to do this again. And maybe you will see this one in a larger size!