Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Animal portraits

A couple of years ago I bought a pile of little 4"x4" canvasses. What was I thinking? I painted a couple of them, but then they just sat in the closet. I am a bit of a junky in collecting art supplies, and really have to downsize. So I made it a goal to use up the canvasses and panels I have before buying more stuff. I finished a couple of 18"x24" sky paintings a few weeks ago, so then it was time to tackle the mini canvasses. I've been wanting to do portraits of our dogs, so I started painting them. From there I went to my son's dogs and cat. Now I am getting requests of people to paint their dogs, and I am looking forward to doing those. 

 This is our beagle, Bitz, a timid old girl. She loves to escape into the woods, specially at night, where we have to chase her and catch her. What an escape artist!
 This is Kibbels, or rather was. She is running around in sunny fields in the sky. 
This is Muddles, our lab mix girl. She is getting a little grey around the muzzle, but acts like she is still a little puppy. After a speedy run outside she just needs a quick nap before she runs again. This look on her face is the bliss-look of being pet, something else she can never get enough of.

 This is Cali, who really thinks she is a big dog ruling them all. She is also super sweet and a snuggle bug.

 Cosmos the cat, soft and cuddly, and plays like a dog.

This is Broc, short for Broccoli. He is always ready to play, and if you throw a ball, you'll be friends forever. He is like a big bear puppy!

So there is our extended family. I'm looking forward to painting more pups!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Some outdoor painting

I guess I am a fair weather plein air painter. The minus and one digit temperatures we have been having have kept me from outdoor painting. Not that I haven't been busy. I completed several pieces this past month. But today I was reminded how much I love to be outdoors with my gear. First thing this morning I headed out into the woods. This is not far away, just the backyard. When I started it was cloudy, but then the sun came out. Glorious!

It's funny how you notice things change when you are in the same spot for a few hours. Beside the light changing from cloudy to sunny, the water changed from a dark blueish tint to more brown as it got warmer and snow melted. My composition started when it was cloudy, otherwise I might have done it different and included sky. As I was painting, a couple of deer came by, cool. It was nice to be out next to the water with the sun warming my back!

 I decided to take full advantage of the nice day and do another painting. This spot is right next to our house.  I liked the contrast of the snow and the spots where it has melted. I tried painting on a canvas sheet. I found it a bit rough, too hard to cover all the white.

Maybe these two paintings will find their way into a larger and more finished piece.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

My new toy!

When my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas I said "A wood burning kit." His response: "You don't need another hobby." Well, maybe not, but why ask what I want then? So I did not expect to get one. The first present I opened where pieces of wood. I thought they were coasters. Ok, eh, thanks. Later I unwrapped the wood burning kit, aha! So I've been playing with this new toy, trying out the different attachments and just testing a little of what you can do with it. I literally burned through the pieces of wood I got very quickly. Just playing, freehand, drawing from a couple of photos. I like the sketchy look. I also tried to incorporate the imperfections in the wood in a couple of them. Now to find some more wood to practice on!

 I added the name to hide a burn accident :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

In the Cascades

First of all, I still have a handful of bird calendars left, check it out here if you would like one! This lady is included in the calendar. I love this one!

I finished another painting from our trip west, this one Washington State, "In the Cascades" (16x20, wood panel). For this one I used a sketch I had made on site. I am finding that I don't really like to paint from pictures, even though I sometimes use them, and obviously had to in my bird series.

I enjoyed doing this one. The sketch is below, so you can see I just took the basic idea, and went from there. 

This was the actual spot. The painting could have gone different ways. When we were there I really liked the yellow flowers growing between the rocks along the raging river, so that is what I made sure to put in the painting. I loved the time we spent there, and the hike we took!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Poppies and interview

There goes my intention to keep up with this blog! It's already been a month since last post. Time flies!
I've been painting quite a bit. I am currently working on some paintings of our trip out west last summer. There were so many beautiful spots that I would have loved to sit down and paint. Because of time constrains I could not, but I did do a lot of sketching and took tons of pictures. So with the help of these I can still make some paintings.

This is one of them. We saw these California Poppies on San  Juan Island in Washington. We stood there watching this view for a while. I loved seeing these orange beauties!

In other news; I am honored to be Spotlight Artist at Daily Paintworks! That means I am giving away a painting to one lucky winner, and there is a interview on the website. Check out the painting, how to win, and the interview here!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Bird calendar

I put a calendar from a selection of my bird paintings! I like how it came out.

Here is the video to see all pages.

And if you are interested in having one, or maybe gift one to a bird lover, here is the purchase information.