Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Back from The Netherlands

It's been quiet here, I know! I was away, back to my home country of the Netherlands for a bit. I did a few "touristy" things, but mostly spent the time with my family, catching up and just doing fun stuff together. I brought my sketch book, and managed to get a couple of sketches done.

These little roadside chapels are everywhere in the south of the Netherlands. This one is next to the house where I grew up.

The view from across the river. The castle on the right, De Keverberg, is pretty unique. It was destroyed at the end of WW2, and recently restored. They did not just rebuild it as it was, but blend the old with the new. I had my misgivings seeing the building plan. I did not think it could be any good, but now I love how it looks. I think it is beautiful. 

On a side note; my elementary school was to the right of the castle ruins, so that view was part of our lives. We would occasionally sneak up there to play. Plus I got married in the church on the left, so this view always brings back memories.

The walkway next to the river, a very popular place.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Taking Flight"

I took this painting to the Evelyn Peeler Peacock Gallery in Corning today. It will be part of the fall member show. I painted this while working on the 50 small bird paintings. At some point I was craving to paint something bigger than a 6"x6", so I did this 24"x36" one. It was a good challenge! Deciding on the composition, the shape of the swans, the different shades of white, and getting it just right did not come easy. I had a couple of reference pictures by photographer Andre Jacobs that I combined into this composition. I do like how the painting came out. I don't think you can see it well in the picture, but it looks like the light is coming through the wings.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Two paintings

We spent some time in the Adirondacks this week. Even though it was a family visit, I got some painting time in. Plein air is hard! I feel like I am hardly ever happy with the final product, but when I have a look at it the next day I usually am at peace with it. And on occasion tweak it a bit. What better way to learn than being out there!

 This spot is so beautiful! I am not sure that I did the mountains in the distance justice (the big one is Whiteface). A couple was getting their wedding pictures taken, so I decided to put them in the painting too. I left the parked cars out. It was a nice couple of hours spent in a beautiful spot!

 The next morning I got up at 6 AM to get my painting kick. The light changes so quickly! One moment there is mist, and the next moment the mist clears and you can see the mountains in the distance.

I love the unexpected sights you might see while painting and being in 1 spot for a few hours. This time it was the river otters! A lot of splashing and 2 heads popped up. I was told it may have been musk rats or beaver, but I'm sticking with river otters!
One or both of these paintings may lead to a bigger studio piece (these are both 9x12" oil on board).

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Back to plein air!

Getting ready for the Summer Mosaic took a lot of time the past months. It does feel good to focus on one thing. It was good to have a goal and a deadline. That helps keep me on track. Plus doing a series of paintings like that helps to really push your limit. Now that that is done, the question is "now what." I've been wanting to get back to plein air painting, so I have done a little bit of that. Plus painting birds led to a commission to paint some turkeys. I finished that one. And I just remembered that I promised to do some dog sketches for my sister in law... working on that.  
So for now my next goal is to do as much plein air as I can while the weather is good (I guess I am a fair weather plein air painter only!). I want to make a lot of outdoor sketches so turning them into paintings can keep me busy painting through the winter. I think that is a good goal for the next few months!

Plein air on a nice summer evening. 

It felt good to get back to this! There is nothing better that being outdoors, being in the actual moment, and try to capture what drew you to the scene in the first place.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Artist Market

Thank you to all who came out to the Ithaca Artist Market yesterday. It was a busy, hopping place! Such a nice event to be part of, and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. Music, food, art, good company, what else can you ask for?! It was wonderful to meet so many people.

A lot of paintings went to good new homes! I will be posting the remaining bird paintings soon in my Daily Paintworks Gallery. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018


The Summer Mosaic Show was great! Wonderful to see everyone's art, and to meet a lot of new people. I'm happy that 8 of my pieces went to new homes!
This week I have been getting ready for the Ithaca Artist Market on Friday; 12-7PM at the Ithaca Farmers Market site (Steamboat Landing). I have taken part in this the past 2 years. It is a beautiful spot, and covered, so always a good place to be, rain or shine. I'll be bringing some of my birds and other works.

I'll be in booth 68. Hope to see you there!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Show info

Today I hung my bird paintings. It is nice to see all that work from the past few months finally on the wall! I got to see some of the other artists' work, and it looks like the Summer Mosaic will be an awesome show! So if you have the chance, check it out. Thirty artists have created 50 pieces of work each. Wow!

The Summer Mosaic Show will be at the  Cedar Arts Center in Corning. It is open for viewing July 16-18. No sales are made during this time. 

VIP RECEPTION - July 19 - $70ea
Enjoy an open bar, hors d’oeuvre, and music, as we open the exhibition. You’ll be among special guests who’ll be the first to make selections from 1,500 six-inch square artworks. Artwork sales begin at 5:30 PM. The first 50 guests receive fun gift-bags. VIP ticket holders are invited to return Friday for the Mosaic Bash

Mosaic Bash - July 20 - $40ea
Experience an evening surrounded by talented artists, inspired artwork, lively dancing, delicious food, and refreshing libations.
Guests are encouraged to purchase remaining artwork from one of thirty regional artists. Food is complimentary and your first beverage is free.

New Moon Sale - July 21 & 22
This event is free and open to the public. Purchase any remaining artwork. All remaining work will be de-installed July 23.

I was there for last year's show and it was pretty amazing to see the artwork fly off the walls as soon as sales started! Sales benefit the Cedar Art Center.
Check here for ticket information.